Monday, 13 October 2014

Rainbow Trust

Hi everyone! As you probably already know from a previous blog post, I mentioned that I was doing a Digital Marketing internship. Well, last Friday, was my last day as a Digital Marketing Intern at Rainbow Trust. Three months have flown by very fast and I can't believe I've already started my third year at university!

For those of you that have never heard of Rainbow Trust before, they are a children's charity that help support families that have a child with a life-threatening or terminal illness. The work they do is absolutely amazing and I wish they were more well-known! The new branding and website will definitely help them!

I was working in the digital/ marketing team upstairs doing all the fun digi stuff! I was always told that I came at a good time as I was going to be working during the new brand and website launch. As I was in the digital team, I would more so be working on the new website. I was lucky enough to see some of the designing of the website to helping to build some pages on the website to the final launch! I really felt as though I was part of a family working there, everyone in the whole charity were so nice and it was great to meet such interesting people!

I had many responsibilities including creating web pages for the old and new websites on jobs, events and more, using Photoshop to edit images for the website and using social media on behalf of the charity. I've learnt a lot and this experience will definitely help me in the future!

Other things I enjoyed was the intern battle of the boutiques apprentice style challenge, I was lucky enough to take part in. Sadly my team lost, but we raised more money than the other team! They especially loved my teams window displays which I was very proud of. George's angels did well!

DB one day was also very fun! This was a fundraising event at Deutsche Bank where employees could donate a day's salary. An amazing sum of money was raised! This was something I never imagined doing, but it was a great experience especially dressing up. I even met Hugo Taylor from Made in Chelsea and Gillian Wright from Eastender's, they were a delight!

During my internship I attended many workshops, even email marketing training at a digital agency in London! The other workshops consisted of public speaking, PowerPoint and networking which all were very useful!

I have enjoyed my 3 months at Rainbow Trust, taking away a wealth of skills and experience I have gained during my time there. Rainbow Trust have a fresh new brand and website and I wish them every success!

Rainbow's marketing and finance office

Already missing my marketing team - wish you all the best: Kate, Oonagh, Sim, John, Sarah, Jasmin, Julie, Kim, Sandy and Barry!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Second Floor: The private apartment of Mademoiselle Chanel

I went to the Saatchi gallery not so long ago, to see Sam Taylor - Johnson's photographic exhibition - Second Floor. This exhibition includes 34 photos of Mademoiselle Chanel's private rooms at 31 Rue Cambon, Paris. Here are some photos I took on my phone:

More information about the exhibition here

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Hi everyone, if any of you follow me on twitter you'll know that I've been doing a Digital Marketing Internship for about two months now. I only have one month left and I'm definitely going to miss it when it ends! I've learnt so much from receiving so many responsibilities and I've met the nicest people ever! Here's one of my work outfits that one of my lovely intern friends took!

Blazer - H&M
Top - Mango
Trousers - H&M
Shoes - Ebay

Going to miss this one! It's her last day on Monday :(

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Seema Kukadia

Fashion Blogger, Model and friend Seema Kukadia kindly let me take photos of her fabulous outfit before she left for New York.

This was my favourite photo and it wasn't planned!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Protest Fit

Protest Boardwear, who are known for being a design-led sportswear company from Holland, sent me a couple of items from their brand new Protest Fit range to try out. I absolutely love these quirky pieces, they will definitely be coming with me to the gym!

RRP £59.99

RRP £49.99

Have a look at more of the Protest Fit range here

Friday, 8 August 2014

Neon Kimono

Hi everyone! An outfit post has been long pending and one is finally here, enjoy!

Kimono - H&M
Trousers - H&M
Top - H&M
Sandals - Ebay

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

National Lipstick Day

It's National Lipstick day today! If you know me well, I always wear lipstick! It's definitely my favourite piece of make up. In this honour, I thought I would round up 5 lipsticks that I'm wearing quite a lot of at the moment.

 No7 - Moisture Drench Mulberry
  Max Factor - Ruby Tuesday
Burberry - Lip Velvet Honey Suckle
Mac - Satin Snob 
Barry M - 52 Shocking Pink

I am wearing these lipsticks quite a lot recently however, I'm loving orange shades of lipstick at the moment. I have three other orange lipsticks but I absolutely love this Burberry Lip Velvet in Honeysuckle as the shade of orange is not too overpowering! What lipsticks and shades are you loving right now? Happy National Lipstick Day!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Free Pandora Bracelet

Receive a free Pandora leather bracelet when you spend £75 - £95 on Pandora jewellery at SWAG Jeweller this weekend.
The leather bracelet event at SWAG starts today, so if you spend £75, £85 or £95, then you will receive a free stylish leather Pandora bracelet worth up to £50.
This amazing offer is only available this weekend (Thursday 24th – Sunday 27th July) and allows any customer that spends the specified amount on any Pandora jewellery to choose from the single, double or triple strap leather Pandora bracelets in a range of beautiful colours.
Looking for a new Pandora bracelet design to add to your collection? Treat yourself to any of your favourite charms from the latest Pandora collections at SWAG and receive the bracelet to add them too, for absolutely no extra cost!
Simply add your Pandora items over the price of £75 to your Swag bag first, and then add your chosen leather bracelet last, and the price of your new bracelet will be removed from your bag at the checkout.
Remember, there are the single, double and triple leather Pandora bracelets available to choose from. To be eligible for the single bracelet you must spend over £75, for the double bracelet your items must be £85 or more, and to receive the triple strap design simply spend anything over £95 before adding your new bracelet to your Swag bag.
So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the SWAG Jeweller website now where they have a huge selection of your favourite Pandora items to choose from!
*This offer is subject to stock levels and availability. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Only valid from and including 24th July 2014 to 27th July 2014.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Benefit They're Real Push-Up liner Review

Hi guys! I thought I would do a beauty post as I haven't done one in a while. I reviewed Benefit's They're Real Mascara a while back, and now I've finally got my hands on the new They're Real Push-Up liner. What can I say about it, so far it has been amazing and I haven't used my other eyeliner's since it arrived!

RRP £18.50

Benefit claim that from their consumer panel survey on the push-up liner:

1) 91% said it was long- wearing 
 So far it has been very long-wearing for me as it doesn't budge at all. Removing it can be a pain like the They're Real Mascara but Benefit do sell a They're real remover which is a great solution!

2) 81% said it was waterproof 
I did get caught in the rain and it didn't run or smudge at all. As I found it to be long-wearing it will be difficult to remove with water which is great!

3) 86% said it hugged the lash line
I did find when applying it, it was more closer to the lash line than my liquid liners The tip is precise and the gel liner glides on hugging the lash line.

4) 84% said eyes looked visibly larger
I find wearing any eyeliner makes my eyes look bigger however, as the gel is closer to the lash line it opens the eyes up more

Overall, this push-up liner is definitely worth it. Using the pen requires a bit of practice but practice usually results in perfect. I would say that the claims are more so true so if you haven't got it you should try it!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

JUST FOR EJF collaborates with Emma Cook, Serge DeNimes and Patternity to Save the Sea

Kimberly Wyatt and Max Rogers in Serge DeNimes

Kimberly Wyatt in Patternity

Caroline Ford in Emma Cook

George Craig in Serge DeNimes

Diana Vickers in Serge DeNimes
EJF has launched a new collection of designer t-shirts as part of their ethical and sustainable ‘Just For’ fashion brand and in support of their Save the Sea campaign. Designers Emma Cook, Patternity and Serge DeNimes have each donated a bespoke ocean-inspired design to raise funds and awareness of the importance of preserving our oceans.
James Brown, George Craig, Caroline Ford, Izzy Lawrence, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Zara Martin, Max Rogers, Diana Vickers and Kimberly Wyatt have all shown their support for the conservation of our planet’s oceans by being photographed in the designs.
Emma Cook stays true to her brand aesthetic, through a photo-realistic depiction of the sea bed inspired by the beauty of the ocean and its marine life. Design duo Patternity has translated data about the depletion of sea grass, to portray the devastating effects that bottom trawling has on marine habitats and wildlife. Serge DeNimes’ ‘Drop in the Ocean’ design lends itself to one of this season’s key trends, communicating the importance of the campaign through a bold slogan.
The ocean-inspired ‘Just For’ t-shirt collection supports EJF’s award-winning Save the Sea campaign. 100% of funds raised will go directly towards EJF’s work protecting ocean ecosystems and threatened species including sharks, turtles, rays and dolphins, and promoting the need for transparency and traceability in seafood supply chains.
EJF's ethical and sustainable ‘Just For’ fashion products are sold online at and in Just For pop-up shops in London’s premier fashion districts.
30 t-shirts, 26 designers, 92 models, £300,000 raised for EJF projects
The t-shirts also demonstrate the need and potential for sustainability within fashion production. The carbon footprint of an EJF t-shirt is estimated to be 90% less than a conventional, non-organic and non-environmentally friendly t-shirt from the high street. The bespoke designer t-shirt collections are made to the highest quality in an organic, fair-trade, climate-neutral supply chain.
Emma Cook said:
"I'm proud to be supporting EJF's Save the Sea campaign with this design which is a snapshot of the precious ocean life that needs our urgent protection. EJF's work combating illegal pirate fishing not only helps protect vulnerable marine species like sharks but also the communities who are dependent on the oceans for food and livelihoods."
Serge DeNimes said:
"Serge DeNimes are really excited to be able to support EJF on their Save the Sea campaign, highlighting the importance of the preservation of our world’s oceans. We wanted the bold print and slogan ‘Drop in the Ocean’ to make a statement of how important it is to protect sealife.’’
Patternity said:
“Patternity is launching an exclusive data visualisation t-shirt as part of EJF’s Save the Sea campaign. Using pattern to translate data about the depletion of sea grass – the design highlights the devastating effects of bottom trawling on our ocean floors, marine wildlife and habitat. Patternity is committed to using pattern as a tool to help people better understand and feel connected to the world around them – driving positive social change.”
 EJF Executive Director, Steve Trent, said:
"EJF is excited to be working with three very different British designers, Emma Cook, Serge DeNimes and Patternity, to relay the importance of the world’s oceans through fashion. The ‘Just For’ t-shirt designs support EJF’s Save the Sea campaign mission to safeguard the marine environment, its biodiversity and the livelihoods dependent on it. Funds raised by the t-shirt collection will help our work towards the protection and effective conservation of marine ecosystems and the preservation of human rights.”
 Priced at £30, the Save the Sea t-shirt collection is on sale at
Q&A with Oliver Proudlock of Serge DeNimes

1)    What motivated or inspired you to become a designer? 

I have always been very creative, and my two main passions in life have been art and fashion. Having studied art for 4 years in Newcastle, when I returned to London my movement into fashion was a very natural and organic process. I now cannot imagine myself doing anything else.

2)    What made you want to get involved with EJF’s Save the Sea Campaign?

I have always felt connected to the ocean, and am very aware of the importance of looking after our sea life. When they approached us to design a t-shirt to help them raise money for the Save the Sea Campaign, it was a no brainer for me and we are so happy to be involved.

3)    What inspired your design for the Save the Sea t-shirt? 

 We wanted the bold print and slogan ‘Drop in the Ocean’ to make a statement of how important it is to protect sealife.

Q&A with Patternity

1)    What motivated or inspired you to become a designer?  
Design can be such a powerful tool with which to tell important and worthwhile stories about the world in which we live, to make things engaging and accessible. It can also be a great way to unite disparates and bring together specialisms - something fundamental to why we started PATTERNITY back in 2009.  Our projects are centred solely around pattern but having such a focused design approach has allowed us to connect the dots and dig beneath the surface of many different fields - from art and design through to science and nature - even history, health and education.
2)   What made you want to get involved with EJF’s Save the Sea Campaign?
It can be easy to forget quite how reliant and deeply interconnected we are to our environment – both on land and at sea.  Using pattern to drive awareness of important causes is fundamental to our mission at PATTERNITY so when we were approached by EJF and read the core data for ourselves we were inspired to design a pattern that would visualise the information and encourage people to take notice.
3)    What inspired your design for the Save the Sea t-shirt? 
The data we wanted to drive awareness of on was the time it takes for seagrass beds to re-grow after damage caused by illegal bottom trawling (60 years). Endangered species rely on these ecosystems for survival so our aim was to use pattern to heighten the understanding of this important fact.  As with all our projects our aim was to use pattern to encourage a more mindful awareness of our environment and the impact our patterns of behaviour can have on the world – hopefully proving that design can be both beautiful and informative.